L’Architecture d‘ aujourdhui?

We found primitive architecture all along the different lines as described by Joseph Rykwert, MoMa inspired, in his famous but forgotten book on Adam’s House in Paradise. P Having had the privilege of being his three days compagnon on the recent occasion of a series of lectures, visits and seminars, I was organizing, I heard his confessions. Not like Augustinus, more of a post McLuhan or Rifkin type. No background insights and secrets about Perrault, young Italianate professionals or sort of tiny ethnic circles. On the contrary, we ended up east of Paris. Me in the North East, adjacent to a circle circuit, best described by Goscinny-Uderzo, him dead East. Non fitting for the Academié Française. Whether be it lucullus, lectures or literature. The sun was shining while white clouds were giving shadow, fresh little breezes, a picturesque blue sky above; children having fun, their parents in between excitment, exhaustion and exceptional relief. Unsensational edifices. A whimsical glimpse of Arcadia. Fine best practice. Mid Summer Time.


Found by H.R.Hiegel with the help of Joseph Rykwert: A Midsummer Nights Dream near Paris.