Morgen  wird  Wolf Biermann 75!

Tomorrow Wolf Biermann will be 75!

Long live Wolf Biermann who likes LondOn and DemoCrazy and hates crooks of all kinds and from everywhere wherever they come from and whatever they do and say and makes wonderful muzak to it.

Horst was having a pint of guiness, what a name, shy and sort of intellectual and eager to get to the design world but stuck to basic socio abstracts. Brian, the street fighter from Northern Ireland, was his friend and teacher and Hans Harms, you wouldn`t dare to translate, having their words hang around without images and pictures and flowers no stones no mortar no bricks nor ashlars no buildings nor wood nor timber but ashes to ashes. No moon no sun. Bernard Tschumi came and saw my black room Housework in Islington, near the Screen, Jenny Lowe and Nigel Coates and Peter Wilson then with Jeanne. A black room with white doves and Alvin Boyarsky came and saw it before in the room next to the bar on the floor and made cryptic remarks on my installation

at 36 Bedford Square, WC1, with a black piece of carpet, white candle light and sent me to John Frazer and then to David Greene. It ended up near the Islington Screen where, shortly afterwards, we went to see Rainer Werner Fassbinder Third Generation. Edith Aron. Avantgarde film, oscillating in words and images and meaning. Dazzling. Lived in a squat afterwards. With Pedro Gueddes.  The houses in Lambeth were deteriorating quickly. I came home one day, the toilet window scattered. Smashed from the outside. The brick still lay on the ground of the tiny toilet. Imagine somebody would have been inside. Two out of the five rooms were painted pink. After the room in Islington beeing Paint it Black. David Greene, teacher, mentor, friend, then colleague, encouraged me to go ahead with a script for an experimental film.

Fassbinder view of Römerberg Frankfurt as published in Time Magazine May 3, 1976

A document Tony Rayns pointed out to me when Horst told me about the empathetic work of Wolf Biermann. Römerberg Frankfurt from a Time Magazine article on Rainer Werner Fassbinder 1976.
The Arts Council of Great Britain gave me a grant to do further research, Horst told me about him having met Wolf Biermann and my friend Cornelius Hannsmann, now gone as Erich Fried who was so much of a light to me and the soup of his wife was superb.
Only after the ACGB Tony Rayns invited me to a fabulous lunch at Schmidts. I think it was Googde Street. Or somewhere nearby. Charlotte Street it was:
Tony was the guy who imported Fassbinder to the English speaking world. He told me so much about him though I only understood 20 years later. Now it is another 15 years and I bumped into Davide the other day in Belsize and he told me about a police officer in Tel Aviv, I met one in the City of London and Wolf Biermann will need another 7 to understand it all. Happy birthday.