New insights into scale and urban morphology. Paradigms being shifted.

Walking along Weizman Street in Tel Aviv much more than a decade ago I became aware of a small edifice. Not quite a building but some kind of a very primitiv hut. Having arrived inside and having forgotten what old friend Joseph Rykwert told me and many other young architects about the primitive hut and its chequered trajectory I was more than surprised. Though it was an old building and the old secretary bent forward whilst doing drawings on his huge board,  a craftsman was still doing his electrical and plastery and wood chopping work. Though the rooms were small and the heat outside tremendous, the inside was well tempered and everybody was silent. Walking along Weizman street in Tel Aviv just about 7 weeks ago I discovered the same site. What a nice cafe and we had café white and café noir and sort of opposite was a new building. Still under construction. But you could already see that the edifice would talk to the public space in a different manner. Urban morphology on the run at first sight. Inside and outside being brought into a nice relationship. Meaning and construction and colours and materials and textures are being put into a new constellation. A scraper rose above the site of the former primitiv hut. Cold and nice inside at the same time. Well tempered environments of many different scales and manners to use. Back to the other side of the road I felt something of the inside. People still use the old name of the hospital although many new structures have been erected. Today I found a link on the web to the current vista. If you are interested and part of the facebook community do not hesitate and just have a closer look: